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    Back at the end of March the CEO of TEPCO denied rumors that the company had withheld information:

    [Katsumata] faced criticism that the company had supplied a flow of opaque and occasionally wrong information, including a misleading radiation reading, but denied TEPCO withheld details on the Fukushima situation.

    "I am very sorry that there have been various mistakes and delays in the timing (of making announcements). But we have never concealed information," he told reporters.

    The Asahi Shinbun (Japanese) reports a different story today:

    Concerning the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, Tokyo Electric discovered that it did not release data about the high level of radiation in the reactor building of unit 3 that suffered a hydrogen explosion on March 14, even though it had the data on hand on March 13th. TEPCO ascertained this from internal documents. Nuclear power experts indicate that "since this is information needed by workers and the public, they have an obligation to release specific data as soon as possible."
    This news is seriously going to piss off Kan and Edano, not to mention a lot of the public. The incident is definitely going to be investigated by the government. March 13, by the way, was the last time the company president, Shimizu, made a public appearance until early in April, after he was released from the hospital.

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