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    . . . that the GOP's desire to bring down Obama is much greater than it's desire to truthfully represent and articulate the strategic interests of this country in the context of terrorism.
    Thank about that
    . I am. I'm thinking about people who can't let go of their racism. Who vote against their own best economic interest. Who sneer at  Yankees, miss segregation, brag about the poverty of their states, who like the lies better than the truth that they hate better than they love. That they go to churches that preach intolerance, hatred of women's bodily integrity. They hate our president because his father was from Africa, and because hatred is what they learned to do even as they are the ones being corrupted by it.

    When I first heard someone say how they could only hope he would die and leave Biden in charge, I told her that the hatred inside of her is harming her, not the object of her hatred and that it spreads in ways she can't predict. She is a professional women living in the north, but educated in the south. I think it was the first time someone told her about the disease of hatred.

    Think about it.
    I have - a lot.

    We are on the brink of losing our democracy for the sake of keeping our empire. - Chalmers Johnson

    by mrobinson on Tue May 03, 2011 at 09:33:41 AM PDT

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