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  •  His timing was also unbelievably tone deaf (1+ / 0-)
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    The story first came out yesterday morning when the story of the day (week ?) was Obama getting OBL.

    The first mention was a Boston Globe article, where he was so coy with the reporter that it was not clear if he had deployment orders or if it was even a mission.  They later rewrote the article when he put out his statement that he was REQUESTING to go to Afghanistan for his training.

    Here was a quote I posted elsewhere from the original article:

    Senator Scott Brown said this morning that he is being sent to Afghanistan, but the member of the Massachusetts National Guard would not say if he is being formally deployed.

    “I will put out a statement later about my involvement," Brown told The Boston Globe in a brief telephone interview. "I’m going to be going over at some point to do some missions.”

    Asked if he were being deployed, the Army lieutenant colonel said, "I didn't say that."

    Here is the link to the updated article -

    My reaction as a partisan was that this was completely weird and not thought out.  In addition to the impact on the people he would join, it is not clear what he is trying to do. As a Senator, it is just as impossible for him to really experience what a member f the guard deployed there does.

    In the first place he is there for just two weeks. In the second place, he will not be treated as a regular person, he will be protected and will have access to Afghan leaders and US and NATO military people - even though he will not be there officially as a Senator.

    This kind of would make him neither fish or fowl. It would make far more sense for him to go to Afghanistan with more experienced Senators as part of a Congressional delegation for either the Armed Services Committee or the Homeland Security committee (  under which he took a one man trip to Israel.)

    I also think that if he tries to use those 2 weeks by saying he experienced combat, there will be blow back. With the Boston Globe's help, he has had HUGE coverage as a 30 plus year MA NG officer. He has often spoken of "military experience". He clearly runs the risk of having people say that he exaggerated - as  Kirk (and Blumenthal) did.  (Particularly in a state where some Republicans still claim that a highly decorated vet, who actually rarely spoke of medals - just serving has been attacked  as exaggerating. )

    I suspect this makes Brown look silly, opportunistic, and incredibly self obsessed.

    I think the timing was that he reacted to what likely was a huge increase in the likelihood that Obama will win Massachusetts in a huge landslide possibly pulling in a Democrat on his coattails.

    Oddly, this and the over the top anger that the League of Women Voters's ad on his supporting McConnell's amendment to stop the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases might destroy the view of him as a nice, down to earth guy - because he is certainly not acting like one.

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