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  •  MN Redistricting Maps Are Out! (4+ / 0-)
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    First up are the state house versions for the state house and senate.

    Just from looking at the state senate map, they didn't play hardball.  (Not that it matters because it'll go to the courts most likely.)  They did some work on the Iron Range with some DFL packing and along with their new Moorehead district, means they tried their best to crack some DFL rural strongholds up north.  (Their Senate District 6 is genius.)  However, the southeastern corner of the state is a complete disaster and I have no idea why they'd draw it this way.  They definitely cost themselves two seats, drew two seats where their incumbents could at least make some race of it, and another that nears toss-up.  No idea what they were thinking.  Same with the north metro Anoka County area but they did some good thinking with the north metro in Ramsey County.

    Now, there was one "Hot Damn!" moment and that was seeing the district for Terri Bonoff, a 2008 nominee for MN-3 and also viewed as our best chance for taking out Paulsen some day.  She represents what is the first solid DFL suburb over 40k people, however, this suburb is borders the very large Lake Minnetonka, which could be described as the Upper East Side of the Twin Cities.  They put Minnetonka along with these lake cities which means Bonoff would be done for.  They also dismantled the district for Katie Sieben and threw her home into a St. Paul based district.  She is a 30-something year old suburban state senator who is viewed as a strong competitor to John Kline whenever she chooses to run.  I don't know about the residency laws but she options with the remains of her district.

    State house seats are created by taking a senate district and splitting in half.  And in comparison to the senate map, the house one is pretty tame when they actually broke down the districts.  The aforementioned senate district of Lake Minnetonka is split north/south rather than east/west, the later being more logical because then you preserve the city of Minnetonka into one district rather than cutting it in half to pair with adjacent lake cities, but that's gerrymandering for ya.  They squeezed out another west metro house seat with some creative gerrymanders that didn't make sense by looking at the SD map but were realized when I saw what they did in the house.

    Other than that, they really weren't that devious.  And yet, their districts still look ugly.  My gerrymanders that are much harsher still turn out prettier at times.

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