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  •  Why learn (none)
    Sorry, I hate it when my gov. can't get its act together (especially when 'old Europe' so obviously does a far superior job).

    "Old Europe" has thirty years of experience fighting terrorism, both of the domestic (red and black) type, Middle Eastern terrorism and others.

    Of the domestic groups:
    Germany had RAF and neo-nazist groups.
    Italy had/has the BR and various fascist groups.
    France had the Algerian groups, and Corsicans.
    England the IRA, Spain ETA, ...

    Obviously the Bush administration has chosen not to learn anything from those experiences.

    •  Exactly (none)
      The Bushies bury their heads in the sand or wherever (rather not think about that), then they post lists of ID-free airports, stir up the hornets nest and sit back to watch all us sitting ducks get nervous.  I don't live in fear, but I am pretty sure there more people trying to crack our pathetic security now that Bush has told them to bring it on.

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