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View Diary: How Torture Elicited 'Key Denials' That Led To Death of bin Laden 9 Years Later (Sarcasm) (144 comments)

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  •  Eschaton debunks the torture meme (13+ / 0-)

    by linking to an article in the Asia Times which claims that Bin Laden was a victim of the Arab revolution. Which actually makes sense.

    On a different tack, torture is not only morally repugnant in the extreme, under all circumstances, it does not work. Armando, you are, of course, completely correct. Many techniques are have been well known for decades which are useful for extracting high quality information from prisoners. And they involve talking, being cordial and reliable, and basically, human.

    Again, I was taught this in Psych 101 back in the 70's, and nothing new has been learned since then. Everything done is that same old crap reverse engineered by older psychologists from Army 'how to resist torture' manuals. And from School of the Americas stuff we use to export torture and fear around the world.

    The mother of all blowback is coming, IMHO. We have trained and enabled many, many torturers, have a section of the populace riled up and approving torture, and leaders who appear to think that it's OK to torture American citizens before trial, or even before charging them with a crime (see Bradley Manning, tasers, etc.), and are presumed guilty before trial. Torture can be used to comfirm guilt, which, as is pointed out, worked so well during the Inquisition and Salem trials!

     "Torture Creep". Coming to your American  town soon. MHO.

    Life is a school, Love is the lesson.

    by means are the ends on Tue May 03, 2011 at 08:24:35 AM PDT

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