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View Diary: Congressional Republicans still trying to redefine rape (65 comments)

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    Redefining rape in effort to limit abortions - which are legal - is pretty fucked up.

    It's crazy shit.  Rape is a very, very bad crime.  Its not the egg you break to make an omlette.

    If abortions are made illegal, then they will return to the back alleys and many women will suffer as a result.

    Not only that, accidents happen often when the necessary precautions are taken.  Condoms break and the pill isn't always foolproof.  Women have a right to choose whether or not they want to undergo A) the medical risk of being pregnant and having a baby B) the responsibilities of motherhood.  

    The GOP's ultra-right-wing base wants to impose a rule of abstinence upon society.  That's what they want.  By making abortions illegal they can impose the consequence of pregnancy upon those that are promiscuous.  

    The really fucked up part of this is that any victory over the occurance of abortion is seen as a net positive - even one that places the blame of rape upon the victim, therefore denying her any recourse to terminate the pregnancy.  

    For the record, I myself would never ask a woman to have an abortion.  A child is a precious gift and reason to celebrate - a blessing - but that's me, that's my choice.  The choice and rationales behind having a child  is different for every person.  Not everyone is ready for that risk and/or responsibility.  The choice is made by the would be parents, heavily weighted on the woman - seeing that it is her body.  

    What I want to know is what about the living children in this country?  The GOP is hot to deny them medical coverage for the sake of austerity.  FUCKING HYPOCRITE DOUCHEBAGS.  If they were half as concerned about the well being of children as they say they are then they wouldn't be so hot to defund education and child care.

    My father, a 40 year public servant, Navy vet, NYC police officer, treasury dept employee and local fed auditors union president (retired) is completely and totally right about the movement to limit abortion.  Its all rhetoric to get people to vote against their economic interest.  They have majorities in the SCOTUS.  They could reverse Roe v Wade.  Its not going to suddenly become illegal - but they will dangle to carrot to get people to come out to the polls.  Its a magician's trick.  Watch this hand while the other one steals you blind.

    However, its gotten so bad that the zealots they have recruited to extend the issue and talk about it are not fully on board with the idea that the movement is totally an illusion meant to cover the real agenda (fleecing the middle class) - they are serious and somewhat mentally cracked with backwards priority.  Some pretty bad weirdo fucktards furthering this type of legislation.

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