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View Diary: Congressional Republicans still trying to redefine rape (65 comments)

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    The reality is that even if the person born never gets any federal assistance at all, this decision costs the American public ten times what it would cost for the abortion.  The cost of an abortion is $300, the cost to deliver a normal full term baby is $3,000.  That's what we lose.  It's not about the money.  It's about the principle.  We should be discussing that.  The only way to get these pukes to discuss these issues is to take away their issues about expense.  Then they have to talk about the issue, and they lose this every time.

    •  it is a lot lot more than 10 times the cost (1+ / 0-)
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      i like bbq

      you ever try to feed and clothe a kid?  And most orphans not adopted get free college.  And that completely ignores to cost associated with neglect, emotional problems, and abuse.

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