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  •  Working Assets.... (none)
    ...the most progressive telephone service company out there issues credit cards via MBNA.  This is the e-mail I just sent asking about this practice:

    Dear Working Assets:

    This isn't a question about long distance but I'm hoping you can send it on to someone who could answer this question.  I read this today:

    The details of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 reveal it to be a bill crafted as a Republican paean to MBNA, the largest single contributor to the Republican party.  Far from being either an effort to stem "Bankruptcy Abuse" or an effort at "Consumer Protection", the bill is in fact an attempt to rewrite bankruptcy laws to reduce the ability of those laws to protect consumers from predatory lending practices on the part of MBNA members, and to stiffen the capabilities of those corporations to collect from consumers already suffering from extreme financial hardships.

    I don't have an MBNA Working Assets credit card, but my boyfriend does.  I'm just wondering why Working Assets associates with this company?  Citigroup apparently has a better track record of donating to Democratic candidates although I must admit there is no credit card company whose business practices aren't highly suspect. Frankly, I find it horrible how much money is poured into political campaigns by these companies so that laws that screw the consumer stay on the books.

    Any thoughts on this subject?



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