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View Diary: The Bankruptcy Bill, Examined (240 comments)

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  •  see there you have defined the problem!!!!! (none)
    look at the sympothic hold they have on your state!!!!  look at the RICO laws onthis whole thing.  it is called protection of the willing....
    •  And you have no large businesses in your state? (none)
      Not even agriculture? THat's a business too, you know.

      EVERY state has sacred cows. Ours used to be chemicals, but DuPont has downsized so much that they are less of a factor. At least banking doesn't make you sick. (Check Delaware's cancer rates if you don't believe me.)

      Congress is supposed to provide a BALANCE -- and right now, the rethugs vote however they're told to, whether or not it's good for their state or the national interest.

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