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  •  I wasnt stunned, I was pleasantly surprised (7+ / 0-)

    we didnt hear the news until we had finished watching treme so it was a total surprised to us that this was going on and that Obama had succeeded in killing Bin Laden and my first reaction was to think... WOW finally... because I was so totally sure this kind of operation was what the Bush admin was putting into action right AFTER 9/11...which they didnt.

    as a NYer who WAS in shock at the time, my saving thought was that, like with the  Israeli's who went a knockin on terrorist doors after Munich MY Country was about to knock on a few doors itself but we didnt.... instead we went to look for nonexistent WMD in Iraq sooooo when we switched to the local news after watching Treme MY first reaction was ITS ABOUT TIME and then I began to smile thinking about how all the 9/11 families must be feeling (for real) and THEN I started smiling thinking about how it must really Suk to be a teapublican right about then.

    Now I wonder if people who didnt live in or around NYC and didnt see it all first hand or lose loved ones in the wtc have the same feelings as NYer and 9/11 survivors do about this? and if we ever can.

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