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  •  Of course they're "welcome" here; the practically (1+ / 0-)
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    run the site, after all (other than the front page).

    But every time I see one of their posts, my mind recalls two recent front page diaries:

    Joe Scarborough's well-deserved Lying Scumbag Award

    Which was followed by this:
    Here's what Obama's 'base' really thinks

    While I like those two front page diaries, the fact s that Scarborough was referring to the hand-wringers of the left that have been posting their hand-wringing diaries and comments with ever increasing frequency over this issue.  Scarborough had a point; maybe he overstated it (e.g. maybe he overstated the size of the hand-wringing crowd, or maybe he was wrong in identifying them as Obama's "base"), but there was a kernel of truth in what he said.

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