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View Diary: FEC Regulating Political Blogs? GOP Commissioners Want To (205 comments)

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  •  At the risk of being to verbose... (none)

    This runs parrallel to everyhting else the GOP is doing - redistricting in off-census years, "nuclear option" consideration and tort reform which'll cut off funding for the democratic party...  we have the best blogging infrastructure, Dems are the party of the professional class (the people most likely to organize online) and we've seen great success with Kos and Blog for America - success that R's have only glimpsed with their Thune blogs...

    this is a tough nut to crack though.  I mean, it is outrageous that the Thune bloggers used RNC and Thune resources...  they didn't do all that oppo research themselves...  further, they were compensated by the Thune campaign...  that shit should be looked at with a wary eye.  If there is a way for similar holes to be exploited, you can be sure that Delay and Rove will find a way to slither into those dark cracks and exploit any weaknesses...

    having said all that, I'm inclined to let the internet remain wild.  The truth is winning so far - at least on the net.  When that stops, well, then maybe we should figure out what's gone wrong and what protections need to be installed...

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