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View Diary: MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan: Breitbart won't be on again without disclaimer he's a race-baiter and liar (114 comments)

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    amk for obama, vacantlook
    And he frankly hadn't thought about the legitimizing effect that having Breitbart on his show --

    REALLY?!? Ratigan never considered the idea that giving someone a national spotlight validates their reason for a national spotlight? I think that's an example of the echo chamber our media live in.

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      of not doing his research on guests. I get the feeling that his staff line them up and the first time he hears of them is about 5 minutes before his show starts if that.

      I can see no other reason why he consistently lets RWNJs spout barefaced lies and then compliment them. I have a hunch that said RWNJs deliberately target his show as a soft touch outside of the usual RW echo chamber.

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