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    •  Bingo - It's ablout turning out the base! (18+ / 0-)

      "We must hang together,...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately."

      by GreatDane on Thu May 05, 2011 at 10:18:06 AM PDT

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    •  Nothing Provokes A Non-Voter To Vote More (16+ / 0-)

      than their mind's image of a stiff penis.

      Both men and women.

      That is what it boils down to.

      The subject stirs their excitement and the resulting guilt motivates them to announce to the world that "they are not excited by the thought of a stiff penis" and vote anti-gay.

      You see, to them, being gay is all about and only about sexual activity.

      And to them, their view of sexual activity is simply that it is nasty and naughty.  Something dirty.

      It is sad to see so many in America with such arrested development.

      For many Americans, the first time they heard the word sex was when they heard the word "homoSEXual".  They were immediately repremanded when they repeated the word or asked about it.  They were told it's something dirty and horrible.  An impressional image and message to a child. Who would tell them something different about homosexuality?  Telling them something different would be immediately called "recruiting".  See how that works?  And by the way, who would ever say the word "heterosexual" as a way to describe a straight person?  Nobody.  So a child never hears the word sex by hearing the word heterosexual.  So straights are never referred to with a word that contains the word sex.

      250 is the new 180

      by kerplunk on Thu May 05, 2011 at 11:00:54 AM PDT

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    •  But the GOP May End Up Inside This Tiger (19+ / 0-)

      instead of riding on top of it like they plan.

      They may have a full menu of proposed Constitutional Amendments (maybe 10 or more) that invite (force) the public to debate all these issues.  And that debate offers us an opportunity if we are willing to take it.

      The turning of sweeping rhetoric into tangible reality  is always the Republicans' greatest weakness, because what they advertise is not what they deliver.  (To the extent that is true also of Democrats, I'd suggest that this next election be taken as an opportunity to change that.)

      We are seeing that play out on both a federal and state level as their tangible actions and specific proposals are being met with  public disapproval and dismay.

      Their actions reveal the false assumptions of their words.

      Their actions also reveal the real values they seek to implement when they are given power.

      Their actions also reveal both the true intent and true impact of applying their "philosophy" to the lives of ordinary Americans.  

      Representative Simon does not appear to be a 'rabble rouser' but rather someone who is voicing the moral (and religious) questions that should be asked about this issue and many others we face.

      Those moral (and religious) questions relate to the values on which this country was built (not the extreme rightwing values of the moment thrown up by the current Republican "base".)  

      A host of Constitutional amendments invites the people to review and measure the values embedded in the Republican agenda and forces the public to compare them with their own values (as Rep. Simon urged.)

      And it is on that battleground of values (what people feel and believe are important to this country and important in their lives) that this discussion will be conduted to decide:

      * how people should be treated,
      * how our Constitutional rights are to be protected,
      * how our country and state should be run,
      * how we manage through difficult times,
      * how our laws should be crafted,
      * how our elections should be conducted,
      * how the revenue that supports our governments' missions should be collected and how that responsiblity should be allocated,
      * how the benefits of good times and the sacrifices of hard times should be shared, and
      * how our Constitutions should be used.

      By elevating ordinary legislative matters to a Constitutional level and by seeking to enshrine their their radical agenda the Republicans are betraying their knowledge that unless they nail the pendulum at the furthest rightwing extreme of their current reach, the public will rein them in and elect Democrats to undo the Republicans' desperately grasping radical minority agenda.  

      They fear facing the voters again to test whether the "mandate" of rhetoric on which they were elected can withstand the reality of how the elected and governing Republicans have sought to implement that supposed "mandate".

      That is why all over the country, the Republicans are whacking away at the root of systems and programs and representative structure of our goverment, annointing corporations as participants in our elections,  destroying unions, adopting tyranical regimes that superscede elected local governing bodies, erecting new barriers to voting and new protections for the undertaxed wealthy, imposing in the most permanent way possible their narrow and religious-based values of intolerance and  inequity.

      Since they failed in their quest for a "permanent political majority" they seek to make that majority status irrelevant in the future by stacking the deck and changing the rules.  (The obstructionism of the Senate Republicans writ large across the width and breadth of our country.)

      But in making this attempt, they have leaned too far over the edge.  They may discover that the fringe is rarely a safe place on which to stand.

      If they want to truly have a discussion about the fundamental principles and tangible impacts of their philosophy, we have 30 years of evidence and 30 years of frustration and loss to bring to the table.

      If they want to talk about what America and our states should look like, how our economy should be run and who that economy and our government should serve,  let's get it on.

      We'd rather dream the American Dream than fight to live it or to give it to our kids. What a shame. What an awful, awful shame.

      by Into The Woods on Thu May 05, 2011 at 12:17:36 PM PDT

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