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  •  I find that if I carry the camera with me wherever (5+ / 0-)

    I go, I'm far more likely to shoot than if I have to make a special point of lugging it to a specific place and do finicky setups. Plus, there's always (at least in my experience) the one random shot that pops up and makes a trip--that you didn't know was coming or what it was going to be. ("Killer squirrel" from last summer's Zion trip is a good example.)

    Plus, at least with digital, if you've got a large enough SD card in the camera, you can basically afford to shoot multiple exposures of just about everything, and then pick the best one(s) of each to keep. I've gotten much better as a photographer since I stopped having to worry about whether or not I had enough film with me to allow me to go for a particular shot (or to vary parameters if I wasn't sure how best to shoot), to say nothing of having to pay to get it all developed--and then discover that I'd had a thumb in front of the lens, or underexposed it--long after I was in a position to do anything about it.

    I've got a 2GB card in my Nikon D40, and I can count on the fingers of one hand (with fingers left over) that I've even come close to maxing it out on a day's shooting. Now, I do take my laptop along with me on vacation trips, and make a habit of downloading to the computer at the end of each day (if not more often, given the opportunity). That also lets me do color correction and other basics in Photoshop while the actual experience is still reasonably fresh in my mind. For safety's sake, I also bring along a pocket-sized 500 GB external hard drive, so at the very least I've got two copies of my photos at the end of the trip, since I delete them from the camera card once they've been processed.

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