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  •  Hernandez's wet blanket (0+ / 0-)

    May I remind all that the whining about shortage of MDs and RNs obscures the long time battle to get RNs, who are already doing a lot of the care (and are well able to do it and more) only MDs right now are paid to do and legally qualified to do.

    1/2 the time the only thing an MD is needed for is to sign some order a nurse has already created so let's drill down and look more carefully at what we are defining as a shortage and what is really happening there.

    Also - what is that assumption based on - an assumption that people will continue to use the ER as they are right now - as a clinic for non-ER-related issues (because these individuals do not have and cannot afford health insurance covering preventative care)? Single payer as SB810 has it would change that dynamic considerably and progressively.

    And is it based on an assumption that we are not going to address WHY medical students are opting for specialties vs. family practice? The private insurance monopoly is the primary cause of the huge pay discrepancy between an MD who is a specialist and an MD who is in family practice. As the insurance monopoly is closed down and out, the MD pay playing field can be leveled and more people served by existing and new incoming providers.

    Hernandez (and those like him) may just not have taken the time to really think through that common excuse for putting the brakes on single payer legislation.

    Long before Obama campaigned for president, many of us were saying: "insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results".

    We have tried every other hair brained complicated scheme possible but simply GETTING RID of the private insurance industry when it comes to health care. How many times does California have to hit its head before sense finally gets knocked into it? Hopefully this, our 5th time at trying to pass what is now numbered as SB810 is IT.

    Onward all as ...we've been here before so we know we still have a lot of work to do to win this time.

    ...and congrats to everybody who showed up in Sac last week and called and faxed daily to get that final vote we needed! YOU ROCK!

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