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View Diary: First 6 Brookfield Ballot Bags "appear to be improperly sealed", Counted Anyway (220 comments)

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  •  yes, certainly (7+ / 0-)

    I'm not sure what else to say, except what I already said. If the ballots could have been tampered with, but they give no physical or statistical appearance of having been tampered with, then how much reason is there for anyone to think that they were tampered with? How much reason does there have to be before we throw away what appear to be people's valid votes?

    Notice that I wrote "If." Like most of us, I am far from Wisconsin and haven't seen any of the physical evidence. I've probably spent as much time as anyone at DKos looking at the statistical evidence, but that only goes so far. I'm just saying we shouldn't be in a big hurry to throw people's votes out.

    I strongly suspect that if these were ballots from Minneapolis in 2006, a lot of people at DKos would be raging that Republicans would even consider throwing out people's votes on technicalities. Back when Kloppenburg led by a few hundred votes, there was a rec-list diary that advocated "messaging" that included trash-talking Prosser if he asked for a recount. I, being a stubborn git, wrote that I thought a 100% hand count should be automatic under the circumstances. Nice thing about that is, if anyone questions my bona fides in supporting a recount for Kloppenburg, I'm on record spitting into the wind. :)

    •  But the ballots could be reviewed (4+ / 0-)

      individually.  One cannot tell if tampering with a ballot has occurred unless one looks at each and every one!

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    •  What you have to remember is the 95% turnout (5+ / 0-)

      Sure there are ballots in there but how many were forged to meet that 95% turnout?  Especially when the 9000 missing votes came for Brookfield.  No one with an ounce of brain should trust a bag that has broken seals!

      •  there was no 95% turnout (0+ / 0-)

        There were something like 14,326 votes reported in the city of Brookfield out of over 27,000 registered voters.

        If Brookfield had reported 95% turnout, that obviously would constitute statistical evidence of tampering. But that is not the case.

        The question isn't whether one "should trust a bag that has broken seals."

    •  Ballot tampering could be determined or not… (0+ / 0-)

      …in Minnesota because there were other races on the ballot (including top level races like President and House) that could be used to determine anomalies. With a single issue race it is incredibly easy to forge ballots because no one can cross check things like undervotes on the other races.

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