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  •  So true (15+ / 0-)

    technology has been good, but completely made life more complicated with the consistent need to keep up dating equipment that can't be repaired or upgraded with someone like the old TV repair guy.  Technology is moving to fast for the average person like me to keep up and to be able to afford it.

    I'm beginning to get a built up of useless devices that are out dated within years of coming on the market, my closet looked like a junk yard for technical devices.  Next to the VCR is the printers that no longer work, the TVs that no longer work, the computers that have gone wonkey, and now with the digital TV change I'm afraid my DVD player won't work with the TV I had to purchase because my old analog TV was dying.  And I still refuse to get cable or satellite because I just can't afford another monthly payment.  Then what do I do with the converter box.  As I look at this pile of crap I want to scream when I think of what it has cost me, because prior to all this life was a little cheaper to live and less complicated.  As I try to live a simple life without all the technology and keep it to a minimum, I start to feel like I'm the new Amish, but I still have electricity.

    If you are digging yourself into a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging!

    by zaka1 on Fri May 06, 2011 at 05:23:38 AM PDT

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