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View Diary: Economic Terrorism and Krugman's Latest: "The clear and present what is happening now." (267 comments)

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  •  All I can say is that we have to make do (4+ / 0-)

    Wishing and hoping isn't going to do anything. Keeping it real is something. Knowing that the current situation and the future is rocky is what we need to take account of. We also have to take things at face-value. Crimes were committed by the Wall Street oligarchs and they not only got off but profited, at least to some extent and depending on how well-connected they were, from the financial crisis where I personally lost a lot of money (it wasn't through speculation either).

    The fact that those crimes go unpunished and regulations have not corrected is proof that the government is no longer a reliable ally in our lives so we must fend for ourselves. In fact, there is no chance that reform is possible in our system right now. If there is a reasonable solution to any of our major problems it will not be even in the discussion about any major issue--and by that I mean will not even be referred to in the mainstream media which is not a watchdog but part of the corporate state's PR institutions. There is no reliable way, in fact, to find the truth about anything other than sports scores. The internet has alternatives but how do we know any of it is true? We are adrift and have to face the gradual decay of our society and make arrangements for that. It may not come this year but maybe the next. If not then then within the next decade. For our sake I hope its gradual so we can adjust.

    •  I am seeing people, who to the best of (3+ / 0-)

      their abilities, are adjusting because they have to.  Others are trying to rethink their direction and priorities.  

      An important change I am seeing is that many people are turning toward their neighbors and friends with outstretched hands and hearts...a turning inward toward closer community.

      One of the more important changes I have seen is the now complete lack of faith in our political system...the deep knowledge that is a failure and perhaps beyond repair.  Voting within its confines seems like a pointless act.  Perhaps it was only during times of prosperity for all that we had the luxury of having any trust in the system.

      No luxuries now...just necessities...

      "Get up, Stand up" ~ Bob Marley

      by trinityfly on Fri May 06, 2011 at 09:55:41 AM PDT

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      •  I think all the things you mentioned are positive (4+ / 0-)

        People should understand that everything their gov't says is PR, not necessarily a lie but at least partially a lie. The MSM exists to prettify the message and make it more amusing--there is little real reporting being done, at least in terms of truly questioning those in authority. The media reminds me very much of my days of reading Pravda and Isvestia. Generally the news reporting was well-written and well-sourced if they were matters that did not contradict the Party Line and those with the most power. Today, our MSM is exactly the same only not as well written and much more dumbed-down.

        The only way we are going to recover for whatever is ailing us is to do just as you said--people helping people and remembering that the government and the corporate sector only exist to exploit us, not to help us, even when they appear to.

        BTW, this situation is, I believe, unique in our history. The difference is not that we haven't gone through periods when Mr. Potter held sway but that there are no George Baileys. America always had oligarchs who took some interest in the welfare of society. Today that does not, generally, speaking exist (see Christopher Lasch's book Revolt of the Elites for the historical context). The oligarchy has been globalized--they don't care about the citizens because they can use workers from any society--particularly the highly civilized but underpaid Indians and Chinese--and they'd like to get at the Iranians who have a similar highly civilized and anciet civilization which Americans are almost completely ignorant of.

        •  There has always been globalization to some (0+ / 0-)

          degree...the Silk Road comes to mind.  People stopped making something because they could get it cheaper and better from elsewhere.  Iran made the best rugs, Phoenicia made the best ships, there were 'breadbaskets' that became necessary to feed a distant many.  The propagation of the tiny little cochineal bug found in Mexico changed the economy of all of Europe.

          Commodities become re-localized because of changes in environment or human resources (cheaper workers).  Globalization is an inevitable force.

          Nothing ever stays local over the long run...I am reminded of the people who decry the loss of their lifestyle as if it's something that should/will never change...loggers, fishermen, steel workers, garment workers.

          Your deep understanding that we are on our own is what resonates.  It is the people who can adapt to life's ever changing circumstances who will survive.

          "Get up, Stand up" ~ Bob Marley

          by trinityfly on Fri May 06, 2011 at 11:11:36 AM PDT

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