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View Diary: Why is Jon Stewart helping mainstream the Christian right's falsified American history? (210 comments)

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  •  I wish Stewart had asked Barton if those documents (5+ / 0-)

    are available for historians and researchers to study, or are historians and researchers limited to only reading what Barton says the documents say?  I know of no discipline that ever takes just one person's word for what is or is not authentic in a document.  This is one of the most insidious things Barton has done.  He's bought up what he claims are historical documents and he won't share them.  We're expected to take his word for it.  Oh, yes, he says the letter is up on his website, but as far as I know, he won't let anyone see it.  Is it real, or a forgery?  Has it been tested for authenticity?  I also have to wonder if he has bought and taken out of circulation documents that would debunk what he asserts as the truth.  Unless and until he opens up his document library to any and all researchers and historians, they could be anything at all.  I think that alone destroys any credibility he might have.

    What was new to me was Barton's assertion that he was the editor of a textbook, but he told the publishers not to put his name on it?  That makes absolutely no sense to me.

    Reliance on documents not available publically, not allowing his name to be on a book he asserts he edite - why all the secrecy?  What's he hiding?  

    After watching this, I am certain of one thing - Barton's definitely a master manipulator.

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