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  •  When I first heard Geoffrey Canada on NPR, I was (0+ / 0-)

    impressed. He was talking about the services provided in HCZ. But stressed that it is not sustainable and wise to expect such things to be provided through non-profits etc. And that government should ensure adequate social programs and is the best candidate for providing them.  Mother Jones mag too ran a profile of him and his charter school.

    But then I see him on Fox News and all he and the interviewer talk are about firing teachers. That is when I started becoming suspicious of him. Then comes Superman movie. Then on, I began to see what a liar he is. He will never talk about how well funded his school is and the per student spending - he spouts the bad teachers myth. He even went to UK and was peddling the corporate ed deform talking points. I noted that he is being paid 400K to manage a small school.

    Anyone has idea if gentrification is part of the "charterization" of Harlem?

    NYT reader comment (via Susan Ohanian) : Arne Duncan great example of peter Principle. Failed in Chicago; then promoted so he could repeat failure on national scale.

    by Funkygal on Fri May 06, 2011 at 08:21:37 PM PDT

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