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View Diary: Military Noticing Congressional Snub of SEALs (182 comments)

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  •  Someone please tell me why (9+ / 0-)

    The Democrats haven't been all over this? They should be offering up bill after bill after bill making the speaker refuse to bring them up. They should be using every floor speech to hammer home that they, the Democrats, do support the Seals and the intelligence community.
    Time after time the Republicans offer up a fat, hanging curve, right over the center of the plate, and time after time the Democrats whiff on it.

    •  You seem to assume congressional democrats care (4+ / 0-)

      about such things. They don't actually, nor are they especially progressive. The congressional democrats are, for the most part, really just mainstream repbulicans of yesteryear, before the crazies captured the GOP.

      If this were not true, we would have had an actual progressive party enforcing heavier regulation, etc., after the crash. Instead, we got tepid moves that are now being easily circumvented.

      •  I assume they care (1+ / 0-)
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        about being re-elected and in getting more of their own party elected.
        I have no illusions about the Democratic party being all that progressive anymore, but this is just straight up politics. Whatever you think of the Democratic party or the Seals, this is an opportunity for them to counter the long standing Republican meme that Democrats are anti-military, and they are once again whiffing it.

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