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    Theories of physics modeled the propagation of energy, like sound and light, in the form of waves.  Waves need a medium to propagate in, though, and while sound moves through air or water (but not in a vacuum), light doesn't care.  But since the theory required a medium, it was proposed that there existed a massless "ether" that all bodies in the universe moved through.  Scientists firmly believed in its theoretical existence.  Until...

    Experiments (like the famous Michelson-Morley experiment) demonstrated that the ether didn't behave the way it was supposed to.  That is, the theory was wrong, and eventually, it was shown that there is no ether.   Turns out light behaves differently from other kinds of energy.

    This is precisely where science and religion (or ideology in general) differ.  In science, when the facts don't fit the theory, you change the theory.  In religion (or ideology), when the facts don't fit the 'theory', you change the facts.  Since you can't really change facts, you are forced into a kind of delusion some charitably call "faith".

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