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  •  Heh (5+ / 0-)

    mine too. I gathered with a hard core group of protesters outside the President's office, demanding "DIVEST NOW!"

    Then we all sat around and had a very serious talk about the consequences of being arrested if he called the police, as he had threatened to do.

    Then we discovered that he wasn't even there that day.

    But, I made some wonderful friends and learned all the words to "Biko" by Peter Gabriel, as well as heard my first Bob Marley and the Wailers compilation.

    It was just the beginning of being a huge pest, a noisy gadfly that wouldn't shut up and go away.

    My first police record (such as they were) was from those protests. In Feb. of 1990, I danced with my ranger buddy from AIT and the barracks rang until the First Sgt. confiscated our illicit boombox.

    God bless him and all the incredibly brave and committed South Africans who never gave up and never surrendered to despair or lost hope.

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