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  •  Montana climate change -- I'd love to (5+ / 0-)

    see it, because I have the sense that the West is being hard hit and is going to be painfully affected -- there's just less margin for adjusting easily to increased heat in a more arid environment.  ANd I'ld like to understand more what's happening already.  It's a region I love tho I've never lived there, just visited and had friends there.

    Also, I try to blog on more general sites than DKos -- where people don't usually have as much info already.  And I find it really useful to have concrete region-specific examples when talking to people who are vague on climate change.  I often mention changes in bird migrations -- yellow headed blackbirds come back two weeks earlier than they used to.  Every year.  That kind of thing strikes a chord with ordinary people, when it affects their part of the country.  I do think a lot of people who don't follow more technical scientific arguments do have a gut understanding that when the birds around them change their ways, or annual plants become perennial in a given region, or certain kinds of trees start dying off -- then it's for real.  THe earth is telling us something, and the earth doesn't lie.

    But look -- you have a lot on your plate, like all of us.  So don't take it on unless you want to write that particular diary and you have the time.

    Best, Fiona

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