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View Diary: Gulf Watchers Wednesday - Gulf rig worker aid funds wanting for applicants - BP Catastrophe AUV #517 (48 comments)

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  •  Sounds good to me. (0+ / 0-)

    I'm afraid the news will get progressively thinner, so fewer diaries (but with good info) is the way to go, I think.

    I've been working on a highly political fracking diary which I may or may not publish...right now I need to dig a bit more. It's really frightening, and - short of taking to the streets en masse - we may have already lost the battle even before it really starts.

    (-7.62/-7.90) .....It was their destruction. They delved too greedily and too deep... Gimli in Moria, JRR Tolkien

    by Lorinda Pike on Wed May 11, 2011 at 09:42:01 PM PDT

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