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  •  Is Sen. Cowles still involved in the porn industry (0+ / 0-)


    "Porn King Senator Cowles Refuses to Answer"


    Porn King Cowles Refuses to Answer
    Madison Wisconsin -- We recently ran a story in regards to Senator Robert Cowles (Bob) and his past connections to the porn industry. At one point in time Bob Cowles had more than $50,000 tied up (no pun intended) in the porn industry. We have tried to contact Cowles’ office to ask if the Senator actually sold his ownership stake in these degrading businesses. After two weeks of repeated calls to the office, we finally received an answer.  I posed this question to Senator Cowles’ media contact: "Does Senator Cowles still have stocks related to the porn industry?" The gentleman on the end of the line responded “You are working off an old/dead story that came from the Journal Sentinel". I replied "Yes sir, but new information has surfaced that the Senator did not, in fact, sell his stake in those companies -- that he merely concealed it into a blind trust. Could you please tell me if he did sell it or still owns it?"
    Again my question was met with resistance and with this response "Google it, find out for yourself, the answer is there". I reiterated my request as such: "I see that it was stated by Dan Bice for the Journal Sentinel that Cowles claimed to have sold it but again, we are learning of a blind trust. Can you say yes or no if this is true or not?" The response I received was again to Google for the answer. I was given neither a yes or no response to my questions.
    So I will ask Senator Cowles from this median venue:
    Senator Cowles, do you still own stock in the porn industry?
    Senator Cowles, is it true that you didn't sell it but merely hid it into a blind trust?
    Senator Cowles, if so, why is this not reported in your discloser statement?
    Senator Cowles, I'm calling you out! If you would like to do an interview over this issue, please contact me. Otherwise we will leave it up to the readers to decide whether you are reaping the profits from smut while sitting in a State Office. Personally, I am disgusted by the idea that a man who ran on family values would have been invested in such an industry to begin with and then refuse to give a forthright answer to the media about your current ties to it. If this report is wrong, Senator Cowles you should agree to an interview with politiscoop and we will correct it.
    I assume the reason for not answering my questions was for deniability purposes. The “no comment” equivalent given by Senators Cowles’ media contact does not leave them on the hook for a denial or for a confirmation. It was a simple attempt to detract from the answers I sought. Is Bob Cowles afraid that the Government Accountability Board will learn of his failure to report income?
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    "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent" "When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty" Thomas Jefferson

    by hodag on Thu May 19, 2011 at 09:11:54 PM PDT

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