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View Diary: You Can Ride Your Bike to Work? Really?? WTF! (photo diary) (122 comments)

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  •  I had a weird bike-to-work moment a while back (9+ / 0-)

    Started wandering out the main doors, across the car park, to the company bike shed for the ride home, saw someone else I know, same job as me but different team, heading there as well. I was in my regular cycling clothes (which are my regular work clothes: jeans etc) and he was all decked out in lycra and whatever those clippy cycling shoes are called.

    Turned out to be a wet afternoon after a fine morning. As the rain came down he said, "so you didn't believe the forecast either?"

    "Sorry?" I said, with no idea what he meant.

    "The weather forecast, you didn't think it would rain," he explained.

    "Oh, I bike every day, haven't owned a car for a couple of years now."

    And for a few seconds there was this weird silence, he had a bit of a strange look on his face (I probably did too) -- and I realised it was one of those moments where two people who generally have a lot in common, come across a particular frame of thinking they find completely foreign and hard to understand about each other.

    He could not get how someone on a good salary would give up owning a car and rely on a bike in all weather, and I couldn't really understand how someone who clearly liked his bike commuting in sunshine would swap the pedals for a car just because the forecast indicates a bit of rain might be likely.

    Fantastic diary, thank you citisven!

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