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  •  I love my doctors (5+ / 0-)

    some of them make mistakes however.  One caused me to bleed out internally, from this, I had compartment syndrome and eventually went into repiratory arrest because there was so much leaked blood in my gut that my diaphragm could no longer expand and contract.  Trauma surgery released 3 liters of leaked blood according to the medical record.  I then had multiple infarctions from insufficient blood remaining in my circulatory system.

    I made a special appointment with my surgeon to discuss previous bleeding and clotting issues I had had with other surgeries.  The one which caused this result was a very simple, outpatient procedure.  I needed to be observed overnight while I went back on my bloodthinners - I explained this and was refused.

    I can also tell you stories of others saving my life - I understand things can go both ways.  The surgeon who allowed this result is a very good woman who does wonderful work in the community.  But she created the conditions where I nearly died even after I explained what needed to be watched.  My life has been deeply affected by what transpired.  I am doing my best to fully recover from it, but given that an infection took over as a result of the assault my immune system took, well, it's been a long, long, long journey.

    I've had both love-able and dispicable doctors.  The doc I describe here is not despicable, she made a mistake.  Somehow, I survived.  No, I do not fully credit the trauma team, but that is a long story about what I found in my medical records - they were lying to my family and keeping them from coming in when I was already crashing - they were claiming I was 'sleeping.'  They did not expect me to survive, yet somehow, I did - they get partial credit.

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    by MsGrin on Thu May 19, 2011 at 09:48:32 AM PDT

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