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    In San Francisco there is a light bulb that has been burning continuously for over 100 years.  Is this a unique thing?  No.  Obsolescence was forced into light bulbs on purpose by a cabal of manufacturers.  Companies in the cabal were actually fined if their light bulbs burned more than 200 hours.  The result--all light bulbs in the West burn for 200 hours.

    In Soviet Russia, the opposite forces were in play.  Tungsten was hard to come by, and the state needed light bulbs for its many other functions.  It made laws requiring light bulbs to burn longer and longer.  Light bulbs in the old USSR lasted years.  

    I'm not touting communism (state capitalism), mind you.  I'm just illustrating how economies effect buying habits.  Pick an economy that does not have a growth imperative to survive, and the pressure to create things that will fail in a set period of time (like the original iPod battery) will be lifted.  The pressure to find a niche not already taken and advertise it to death will also disappear.  The basic human unhappiness that advertising creates will also dissolve.

    In truth, while we are so doused in this system, it is hard to see what a life without the constant pressure to buy and sell to survive would be.  It is hard to see that things could be better for the vast majority--even the very wealthy.

    De air is de air. What can be done?

    by TPau on Mon May 23, 2011 at 12:23:25 PM PDT

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