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View Diary: The hidden TRAP behind "Safe, Legal and Rare" (89 comments)

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  •  Great points here... (4.00)
    ...and thanks for bringing up an often overlooked aspect of this issue. Over ten years ago, Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics Inc. was traveling around the country doing seminars on stopping abortion, and this was one of his themes. To paraphrase, "if we can't shut the clinics down, we can regulate them out of existance." Some even referred to the tactic as "Crutcherization".

    I think it's a valid point that we don't want to appear to favor a completely unregulated medical practice, and it's important to educate the public that abortion providers already are subject to the same regulations as any other comparable medical practice.

    When these laws come up in the legislatures, if they can't be defeated, amendments should be added to make them apply to the full range of comparable out-patient services. "Poison pills", if you will, since the medical lobbyists would never stand for it, and the bills would undoubtedly be voted down.

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