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    but does ryan disdain the media the way huckabee does?  from his letter to his announcement it was obvious that he did not care for the media and may have made the letter the way he did just to prove that he can't be predicted as easily as we thought. even though it was obvious he wasn't running.

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      Judge Moonbox

      Between Quick and Rep. Ryan, and we don't know how astute Quick is at reading between the lines. It could have been something like Rep. Ryan saying, "Hey, when I'm on the show later, I'll announce my decision about whether I'll seek higher office, but I don't want to preview it before I call my folks," and Quick assuming, "OMG, he's gonna run!" which is obviously premature, or it could have been him saying, "I'm going to have a huge announcement, but I want my friends and family to be the first to know before I pull the trigger on live TV," in which case it would be entirely logical for Quick to make that assumption.

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      by SaoMagnifico on Tue May 17, 2011 at 05:47:51 AM PDT

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