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  •  Takes two to fight. (0+ / 0-)

    There's a profound difference between acting toward a goal of hurting other nations, and simply disengaging from them.

    To put it in other terms... There's a profound difference between actively fighting to change the minds of people like Paul Ryan (ostensibly so they can be trusted to use their power wisely) and simply disengaging them from having power over us.

    For example, I saw a diary yesterday about yet another anti abortion bill coming up for vote in some midwest state. The Dems got up and spoke passionately, I suppose engaging as if they could change Rep minds. They shouldn't have bothered, those minds were made up and to continue to engage as if they could change something was folly - the same sort of folly you point to when a nation tries to defy the WTO. What should have been done instead is to use the true power of government - their people.

    Time to get back to basics. Governments are instituted among people and are empowered by the consent of the governed. Time to withdraw consent where necessary.

    Such as Benton Harbor. Supposedly there's an emergency financial manager who's word is law. But that sort of power requires the people to recognize the Manager's authority, and if it is not accepted then those people are not going to be  governed by that guy. Stand firm, and it becomes a standoff where Michigan Gov Snyder has to send in the toughs, the national guard, make Benton Harbor a gestapo police state where Financial Manager Joe is held in power through force alone, and nothing more, and all of his decisions must be enforced through constant user of muscle. And that is when we will have won our country back. Joe says those people's nice beach belongs to the neighboring town? Snyder better station some of the national guard on that beach to patrol against the residents. Joe says the school closes down? Better station more Guard on the premises in order to keep the kids from showing up. Joe says X, better send more Guard to force that decision into place. Can't do that statewide, there's not enough Guard, not even if you add all the cops too.

    By withdrawing our consent, and forcing the authoritarians to show their totalitarian militancy in order to get their way, we gain support.

    By withdrawing our connection to nations that economically are at war with us, we force the WTO to either accept our unilateral move or attempt to force us to trade with those countries. What, is the WTO going to forcibly extract money from our banks and forcibly deposit cheap products in our shipping ports?

    Takes two to have a legal or policy fight, both sides have to be willing to have a conflict on that field, in that stadium. Should one decide instead to simply not bother stepping on the field and simply turn off power to the stadium, that one wins in a more profound way.

    Time to win in more profound ways. No drama, simply act in accordance with the most undeniable path to success.

    •  talk is cheap. (0+ / 0-)

      Every nation that has tried to defy the WTO, has lost.

      If YOU have a winning strategy, then let's hear it.

      How can the US wage economic warfare against the entire world, and win? Particularly when our own corporations won't support us?

      Do tell.

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