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View Diary: Jon Stewart's EPIC Punking of the O'Reilly/Fox Phony Outrage Machine (105 comments)

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  •  If you watched critique segment that followed (0+ / 0-)

    you'd hear how John lost and was being a hypocrite.

    The big comparison seemed to be if  a white singer praising MLK jr assassin, Ray, was invited to bush white house the left would be raging
    That is the same?  Really?
    They must be brilliant because in my tiny mind the comparison would be a song about a white guy who shot a black cop.
    So probably all of it was just over my head...but in their view bill won and Jon lost.

    But really I don't think the issue is about cops or evidently even rappers. It's a black liberal(ish) president having a rapper there. Otherwise they'd be comparing it to being as outrageous as when george and Laura Bush gave P Diddy a tour of White House in 2004 or when daddy bush had Eazy E there in 1991.
    And they'd say it was almost as bad as when  bush pardoned rapper John E. Forte in 2008

    I'll admit I don't know rap and maybe all the bush connected rappers sang only of butterflies and fluffy clouds. Common's reputation is of very positive lyrics but I think he left out the butterflies and fluffy things.
    But I do know all of their rappers were convicted of  crimes, unlike Common. Maybe that is his crime.

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