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View Diary: GOP still focused on abortion, abortion, abortion (51 comments)

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  •  Abort the GOP/TP in 2012! (0+ / 0-)

    I hope these people are ousted in every local, state and federal 2012 race.

    They concealed the true agenda that they and their pac backers had in 2010 and, now that the nation sees it, they are despised and/or a laughing stock.  They have done nothing but hurt the workers, women, elderly, children, unemployed and millions of others, and never created a single job.  They have sold the states they are in and the nation to big business with no benefit to their constituencies.

    I hope every voter who stayed home in 2010 will get out and vote in 2012 and beyond, and never, ever pull a GOP/TP or "Ind." lever again, even if that hurts you, because these people are not interested in you and will hurt you more.  Make sure you are properly registered (or change your registrations now) as the GOP/TP is doing everything it can to prevent even its own normal constituency from voting.

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