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View Diary: 'Pro-lifers' choose their next target (76 comments)

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  •  It seems hard to believe that the threat (16+ / 0-)

    posed by the "speech" of someone who was using inflammatory anti-American sentiments and who expressed sympathy for Muslim extremists in order to threaten a figure who was providing a LEGAL service that that person didn't agree with, would find a judge who saw this as a first amendment rights issue.

    This doctor isn't just a person (which would be enough on its face); she represents a legal right (legal access to late term abortions), she represents an ideal (reproductive rights), she represents the kind of courage for stepping into a fray that still doesn't provide people like her any cover, and she represents freedom for many, many women (freedom to terminate a pregnancy that's gone horribly wrong and could threaten her life/reproductive health, freedom to remove an already dead fetus etc). If women see these doctors, who are the only ones able to perform these certain necessary procedures (and under circumstances that any woman who might need one would consider tragic, I might add), as not only vulnerable to being murdered but the clear threats leading up to their murders are supported by our legal system, they are going to feel chilled. They are going to feel terrorized.

    So these toxic and vile terrorists of the ilk of the taliban are not only threatening the life of this doctor (as horrid as that is and as likely as that is to affect the choices of future doctors and whether they wish to perform these procedures), they are, in the true fashion of terrorism, threatening the safety of hundreds of thousands of women who may potentially need her services over the years. They are creating a climate of fear to curb people's choices/behaviors.

    That's not the purpose of our free speech protections. That's an abuse of our free speech protections.

    Let the yoke fall from our shoulders; Don’t carry it all, don’t carry it all; We are all our hands and holders; Beneath this bold and brilliant sun; And this I swear to all - The Decemberists

    by Tookish on Sun May 22, 2011 at 10:33:21 AM PDT

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