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  •  Eyjafjallajökull is pronounced (2+ / 0-)
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    Land of Enchantment, Joieau

    EY-yah-FYA-tla-YIH-kuh-tl.  The Icelandic "ll" is a lateral fricative with a "tl" sound similar to that in "little" ("lateral" because the air spreads to the side of your tongue).  J is pronounced as 'y'.  Ö is pronounced by puckering your lips as you would to make an "oooh" sound, but instead making an "ih" sound; it should sound like the "eux" in the French "deux".  

    When discussing Iceland's volcanoes, two important words to know are Fjall (mountain) and Jökull (glacier).  

    There's always some Icelandic volcano or another getting ready to go off.  The questions are always "when" and "how bad will it be".  This is a part of the world where change happens very fast.  For example, look at the geothermally-heated river Litlaá and the lake that feeds it, Skjálftavatn.  Neither existed until the 1970s when the volcano Krafla erupted and modified the drainage patterns in the area.  That's Iceland for you  ;)  The country averages about  1/3rd of the world's total lava output.  The people there are amazingly resilient about it all.  When the small island of Heimaey went off and a lava flow threatened to permanently destroy the one port on the island, taking away the island's economic lifeblood, they imported pumps from all over the world to cool it off, and managed to save it.  They then used the heat from the cooling flow to generate geothermal power and used the ash to extend their airport and as landfill to create more land to build homes on   ;)

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