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View Diary: Did Theocratic Law Profs Advocate Law Breaking? (20 comments)

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  •  Miller --> Roeder --> McVeigh. (7+ / 0-)

    The term "civil disobedience" historically refers to nonviolent acts that traditionally range from conducting a sit-in to refusing to pay one's taxes.

    Kidnapping is a felony, and is usually a violent crime in that it involves taking someone against their will by force or fraud.

    From there it's just a few short steps down the slippery slope to other crimes where violence is more overt.  

    Yes, that would get us Roeder, and from Roeder it's not much of a stretch to get to McVeigh.

    What these people are attempting to do is capture the term civil disobedience to include violent acts that have political overtones.  That range encompasses acts that meet the definition of terrorism.

    Expect to see this:  "It wasn't terrorism, it was civil disobedience."  

    And yes, the ABA should pull their accreditation.  

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