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  •  What's obviously nonsense (1+ / 0-)
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    about bombs turning people into refugees?  If the area where you're living is being bombed, you leave!

    Large-scale, perhaps

    That's what I'm pretty sure Chomsky contends: There were some unwanted departures (people who were forced out for one reason or another) but they weren't large-scale until after the bombing started.  It could be that the Serbs were expelling people (which, not to make excuses, would make sense; war obviously drives people toward ultra-nationalism and makes existing nationalists bolder) and using the bombing as a cover or excuse, but then why was there bombing in the first place if there wasn't already ethnic cleansing?  It's the same logic as Iraq: The war created the very problem (terrorism in Iraq, ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia) that it was supposed to combat, and then when that problem appeared as a result of the war, it was claimed as an ex post facto justification!

    •  you have history backwards (0+ / 0-)

      1) Serb soldiers and paramilitaries moved into Kosovo during 1998 and 1999.
      2) NATO started bombing them in 1999, because they were there massacring people, just as they had done in Bosnia earlier in that decade.

      The massacre in Racak, for example (Kosovar Albanian civilians killed by Serbs), happened in January 1999. This couldn't possibly have been caused by NATO, which only started bombing several months later.

      1) Serbian ultranationalism goes back to the early 1900's.
      2) Serbian ultranationalism fueled the rapid extermination of Serbia's Jews during WWII; most were dead by 1941, far earlier than anywhere else in the Balkans, because of a push by the government and the Serbian Orthodox church to collaborate with the Nazis.
      2) Serbian ultanationalism fueled Serbian aggression in Bosnia from 1992 to 1995.
      3) WWII and the Bosnian War come well before NATO's bombs in 1999.

      If you want to learn something, read Noel Malcolm's book about the history of Kosovo, or Serbia's Secret War. Just the preface of the paperback edition of Malcolm's books dispells your myth about NATO's bombs causing the refugee crisis. In reprisal for KLA actions against Serb police and military targets, the Serbs overwhelmingly targeted civilians. The refugees themselves overwhelmingly claimed that they had been driven out by Serb soldiers and paramilitaries, but obviously, Noam Chomsky knows better.

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