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  •  You can say the same thing about Orleans County (0+ / 0-)

    where the largest private employer (A large banking call center formerly owned by WaMu) almost closed shop  and was only saved by the intervention of Sen. Schumer and other local officials.

    •  And it's not like call centers are good jobs. (0+ / 0-)

      These are not your father's good-paying manufacturing jobs. I take care of a bunch of patients (young people, mostly female) who work at one of several local boiler, call centers. The wages are poor, the benefits non-existent, the workpace brutal. Few if any of them have have health insurance because they can't afford their (large) share of the premiums.

      True story: many of the workers beg me for drugs like Adderall or Ritalin for "attention deficit disorder". It's actually so they can work even faster and harder so they won't get fired. It's utterly barbaric.

      •  Never realized that happened in real life (0+ / 0-)

        thought it was just on Desperate Housewives.

        21, male, RI-01 (voting)/IL-01 (college), hopeless Swingnut

        by sapelcovits on Sun May 22, 2011 at 05:13:27 PM PDT

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      •  At this point in Orleans County, it's either (0+ / 0-)

        working at Chase (Former WaMu), working at the prison, working at Wal-Mart, or commuting an hour to either Buffalo or Rochester. Not a good set of options.

        •  Even worse here in Livingston County. (0+ / 0-)

          I believe the biggest employer is SUNY Geneseo, but Gov. Cuomo's new budget castrates them, intentionally murdering one of the finest speech pathology programs in the country to preserve tax breaks for the Wall Street geniuses who burned our economy to the ground.

          Second biggest is...of course...the State prison complex in Groveland, which is slated for a huge reduction next year as non-violent offenders are not being incarcerated with quite as much obscene fervor now that money is tight.

          Third is my hospital, which lost $1 million on operations last year and may close if we have another year or two like that.

          I'm always reminded of the Tom Tolles cartoon from about 15 years ago on the evolution of the economy. It proceeded through five panels from hunter/gatherer to agriculture to industry to...decay and...gambling casinos! Brilliantly accurate and depressing.  

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