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View Diary: All You Need To Know About Tim Pawlenty, In One Simple Quote (250 comments)

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  •  Pawlenty has never done that well politically (11+ / 0-)

    His highest state wide percentage was a bit shy of 44% I believe--hardly a resounding endorsement.  Minnesota's odd penchant for third parties and lack of a run-off/majority requirement is responsible for his political success.  It is really unclear that he could have won over 50% in a two way statewide contest.  

    Bridge collapse under the watch of his woefully unqualified Lt. Gov that he appointed Transportation chief, worst state economic performance in decades (even relative to other states in the region), structural deficits and budgets balanced by passing out IOU's to school districts.  This guy is really vulnerable to any astute opponent.  Take him seriously and he quickly reveals  how "unserious" and fluke-ridden his ascendancy has been.  Good he's in early--knock him out quickly.

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