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  •  Not a clean analogy (0+ / 0-)

    If you think about it, you have it backwards here.

    Scrooge is pro government intervention. The good gentlemen inviting him to exercise some tenderness towards an unregulated society's disparities are members of a businessmen's relief league.

    It appeared that Dickens felt rather at home with the idea that the proper locus of relief effort should be with private organizations.

    I'm not apologizing for Pawlenty. I feel that modern governmental money systems very much tilt the playing field, and good government has a responsibility to put a couple of bubble levels on that field and monitor them regularly.

    It's just that citing Scrooge is not as clean a comparison as one might like. Think about it. Pushed up against the wall on this, Pawlenty could refer us to these kindly gentlemen and say that governmental "overreach" in these matters deprives individuals the opportunity to exercise compassion and behave heroically.

    What's interesting is that the good gentlemen seem comfortable with this responsibility.

    This is a complex matter, and it leads to all kinds of questions of governance "best practice". A sound bite like this is neat and tidy, but the reality is more messy.

    Isn't it a good feeling when you see the paper in the morning, it says 'Axe Slayer Kills 19' and you say, "They can't pin that one on me!" - Jean Shepherd

    by razajac on Tue May 24, 2011 at 02:38:26 AM PDT

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