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View Diary: Why Don't People My Age Vote? (140 comments)

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  •  Don't blame your teachers. (9+ / 0-)

    Maybe people your age don't know the difference between the entertainment culture and reality. Maybe they're distracted by TeeVee and funny Youtube videos. Hell, maybe their parents are too, and never explained to them that there is such a thing as the real world.

    •  I don't think he blamed the teachers. I think he (16+ / 0-)

      blamed the system for focusing on teaching facts, and teaching to tests, and not connecting the dots to show what is needed to be involved.

    •  You're spot on... (5+ / 0-)

      ...the sad truth is young people are extremely disconnected from the real world.  I don't blame them, but it is true.  They are so absorbed in their own internal world that to them it seems far more "real" than anything going on outside.

      Recent studies also show a trend that started in about 1980 and continues.  The "entertainment culture" today vs. then has moved much more into "me" mentality instead of "all of us" thinking.

      Compared to when I went to college (1975 - 1979), college students to day are 40% more narcissistic and 30% less empathetic.  This is a huge change in world view!

      They've even compared the lyrics in songs which have changed as well...much more "me", "mine" and far, far less "we" and "us."  Plus so many songs have themes regarding getting back at someone, or belittling a person...i.e. my personal, egoic triumph over another.

      Young people have always been self absorbed due to just trying to figure it all out for the first time in their lives.  But it is really quite different today.  In my college days, we were very aware of what was going on...and we were engaged.  We'd just gotten out of Viet Nam, Civil Rights were still in play, Women's liberation was THE biggest issue at the time.  These subjects were talked about and hashed out all the time.  Everyone knew how hugely important all of it was.

      But, as you can plainly see, these subjects were about equality and inclusion.  And they were very relevant in politics at that time.

      Studies about how politics have shifted since 1980 have also shown the emphasis has moved from inclusion to individualism.  Reagan started this type of "politic-speak," and it continues.  The political meme has increasingly been "me" instead of "us."  Heck, now days we hear about old people getting Social Security and Medicare being called "selfish" by politicians.

      Today, honestly, what do young people even really have any connection to that is going on outside of their internal world?  And what messages are they being slammed by?  Are they being "indoctrinated" by the idea that we are all in this together...or...get yours and forget the others?

      "Ignorance is bliss only for the ignorant. The rest of us must suffer the consequences."

      by paradise50 on Thu Jun 09, 2011 at 08:39:38 AM PDT

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      •  True (4+ / 0-)
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        Rick Aucoin, paradise50, ozsea1, liz dexic

        When I worked with 20-30 year old people, I was constantly trying to get them to pay attention to what was going on. When the first banks fell, I told them this was going to be huge. Everything I said fell on blank ears.
        When I asked why they didn't vote they said they weren't interested and it didn't matter.
        I actually agree with them now. It doesn't matter what party is in power. When we gave the dems the power, the wars went on, the war crimes went unpunished, the bills brought to the table were allowed to be watered down 'so that the thugs might vote for them' but in reality, it was so they could be watered down. They knew they wouldn't vote for them.
        The thugs blocked everything. The dems just kept saying they didn't have the votes. Now the dems won't try to block anything, won't go out with the message that the thugs are trying to kill Medicare. They let the thugs ramble on all summer about death panels.
        The corporations have bought of the government long ago with their lobbyists.
        Congress has all the perks like per diems, nice offices, travel expenses and really nice health care and keep voting themselves raises, while us little peons lose our jobs, homes , and lives
        They don't fucking care.

        I did not vote for more wars, more drones, more killing. I voted for change. I got screwed.

        by snoopydawg on Thu Jun 09, 2011 at 09:09:20 AM PDT

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      •  Things haven't really changed that much (3+ / 0-)
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        ozsea1, Dragon5616, paradise50

        I admire the 60s activism as much as anyone, but the narcissism is about the same today as it was then. You had a tiny minority of people who were sincerely concerned about people other than themselves. But most of the anti war activists were out there because they didn't want to get drafted themselves.

        The women's lib movement benefitted half of the population and the other half had to go along if they wanted to stay with their girlfriends. Civil rights became supported by white people because of the level of violence against the protesters in the south which shocked many into action.

        Once the war was over, it was cocaine, bong hits, and disco music.

        Kids today aren't any worse or better than in the past. We might be more sedated with the wide availability of drugs and video games, but take those away and there will be riots in the streets.

        Stop complaining, start protesting

        by Johnnythebandit on Thu Jun 09, 2011 at 10:10:54 AM PDT

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    •  it is (1+ / 0-)
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      not a teachers job to try and influence students with their own political  beliefs.

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