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View Diary: The Israeli reality that Obama doesn't understand (56 comments)

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  •  I stay out of the I/P debate because (0+ / 0-)

    you can't have a rational discussion with people on both sides about it. I have friends on both sides and they both accuse of me siding with the other side when I talk about the issue.

    I don't know what Obama is hoping to achieve here. Presidents of both parties have tried to make peace in that region for the last sixty years to no avail.  I think he is trying for the impossible. I think there are forces and interests on both sides of the I/P debate who profit from the status quo. And thus I don't think there will be any peace any time soon.

    If there is to ever be a final I/P agreement that ends the longstanding conflict it will probably happen under a Republican president. I say this because a Republican will have an easier time politically doing it. And Republicans are less dependent on AIPAC than the Democrats.

    •  Doesn't matter what he or any president say (0+ / 0-)

      or want. Israel will do as Israel please. Over 60 years and i can't think of one instance where we changed Israel's determination to get back the land they lost 3000 years ago. They want it all back. When they get it back, what will the world look like and will we still be their gullible friends? Will they have any friends at all? You know it's going to take a lot more k*lling and displacement before that goal is reached.

      •  You have severe memory problems (0+ / 0-)

        Israel has negotiated with every single neighbor of ours.
        We have signed peace treaties (including partial agreements) with every single neighbor of ours.
        We have withdrawn from territories belonging to every single neighbor of ours, despite the fact that they started the wars (except Lebanon).

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