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View Diary: 'Serious' 2012ers desperately seeking Bush clan backing (70 comments)

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  •  Who else can they turn to? (2+ / 0-)
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    cosette, davelf2

    How about those they supposedly represent?  Oh wait, no, they can't do that.  They quit that job quite a while ago and started working directly for BigCorp.  
    It's a sad day indeed when one of the two major Parties in this country can't even bring themselves to pretend they work for the people of the United States.  
    That sheep suit they've been wearing is falling apart at the seams, and nearly everyone can see the wolf fur underneath.  
    Guess we're going to find out the hard way if they're right about not needing voters or democracy anymore.  They thought they could take over the country with Big Money/Big Corp alone.  Did their filthy little coup succeed..or not?

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