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  •  They've almost gotten to the point... (16+ / 0-)

    where they think that democracy, and the popular support for their policies, doesn't matter. Unfortunately, there is some support for that notion. They've taken unpopular position after unpopular position, and haven't been completely punished by voters to the degree that we would expect. So, they've become emboldened, because they believe that the corporate cash and in-the-tank media will allow them to win elections even when they do things that 75-85% of us oppose.

    I think they've confused what their authoritarian base will go for for what America will go for. And I think some of the dumber Republicans, like Ryan, may actually believe the Ayn Rand bullshit they're trying to sell to us.

    One other factor that I think is underappreciated: the big difference between this and other issues is the reaction of DEMOCRATS, especially elected Democrats. Republicans had gotten used to Democrats caving on nearly every radical idea they proposed, particularly when it comes to economic policy. So they probably assumed that they could just bulldoze Democrats on this one, too. The difference is that Democrats will fight to the end for Medicare and Social Security, instead of just caving.

    What we should be asking is not what made Republicans overreach to this degree. That's fairly obvious: hubris, overconfidence, and a lack of coherent policy ideas other than serving their corporate masters and trying to consolidate their power. What we should be asking is why it took something as radical as a proposal to kill Medicare to wake Democrats up.

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