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View Diary: GOP, Ryan and Medicare: Just what were they thinking? (106 comments)

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  •  Overestimating Money's Ability to Buy Elections (1+ / 0-)
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    At the heart of the GOP's seeming indifference to public opinion, is the notion that future elections will be decided not by who brings the most popular ideas to the table, but who spends the most amount of money. In a post-Citizen's United world, they are convinced that they can now do absolutely anything they want with no regard to the electorate because their huge monetary advantage will allow them to convince voter's that ups is down when election time roll around.

    They are wrong. Money can be used obscure positions on matters not near and dear to voter's hearts, but it is completely worthless when comes to the things people understand with absolute certainty, especially when they know those things are crucial to their well-being.

    Republicans have gone all in on destroying Medicare because they drank the cool-aide and became convinced that endless streams of corporate cash would guarantee their re-election no matter how unpopular their positions. They feel absolute contempt for their constituents, who they imagine can be forced to embrace any policy no matter how personally deterimental it will eventually prove to be. They are about to discover there is a limit to what money can buy.

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