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  •  I also know this firsthand (6+ / 0-)
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    zett, wader, kyril, GenXangster, rubyr, GAladybug

    and there is help.  Get a copy of "The Narcissistic Family" by Pressman and "You might be a narcissist if..." by Meier!

    It will shed light on all that you already know in your gut, but need confirmation about intellectually so you know you are not crazy.

    My heart is with you, and the thousands of others like us who have mothers like this. We need to tell it from the treetops and help all of us heal ourselves and each other.


    •  Sounds like a great book. (2+ / 0-)
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      GAladybug, freeport beach PA

      Thank you. I agree that everyone needs to talk about things like child abuse but most people are reluctant to out their own families, especially when they're young and their peers are still spoiled and clueless, even as poor children.

      You know what brought me out more to complain loudly and publicly about child abuse and neglect? Eminem! Some of his lyrics are misogynistic and sadistic but having the generational connection with his life experiences AND having a selfish and poisonous nurturer made me really see the pain he has bottled up and that the music was his release. The consequences of misogyny he didn't consider but he influenced a lot of it anyway. But those rapper types are poets and writers. They observe and learn. I haven't heard any of his recent music but I hope he's learned to stop indirectly threatening his ex wife. The stuff he says about his mother, I can relate somewhat but, dude, take it down a few notches. He goes just a step too far with the revenge fantasies.

      "Warm smell of Moulitsas rising up in the air..." -seanwright

      by GenXangster on Wed May 25, 2011 at 05:46:55 AM PDT

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