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    companies on the exchange make decisions based on their stock price.  it's not just a casino, disconnected from main street.

    when their stock is going down, they take measures to get it up.  that could mean forced retirements, layoffs, restructuring, etc. which doesn't bode well for unemployment.  the market going up has given our economy breathing room.  sure companies are slow to hire now and will be as long as they can force employees to do the work of many. but it could have been worse. if the market dips significantly, we could easily be back in the slide.  we certainly have many economic problems but as much as we need to fix the problems, we need to make sure mainstreet continues to work. it could have been much worse.

    today it looks much better.  i see more jobs.  people are moving around companies more.  contracting is up.  the stimulus has provided much needed funding to complete many projects all across the states.  if it was up to republicans the auto industry would be bankrupt, there would be no stimulus to help pay for construction jobs all across the US, unemployment benefits wouldn't have been extended, pre-existing conditions would still be used against us, young adults wouldn't be able to stay on their parents insurance..  this list goes on and on.  

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